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Embroidery Punching provides professional embroidery digitizing services with lowest price.We have worked for satisfied clients in different countries including USA, Canada and UK. Having over a decade of experience in the embroidery digitizing industry, possessing the latest technologies and great digitizers, with high quality, low price, fast turnaround, easy ordering system and secure payment process, we are the right service provider that you can count on.

Our Advantage

Our Advantage
Promises Advantage
Quality     A.  25 Years Experience Of Embroidery Digitizing.
    B.  Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing Software With
          Material Template and Density Style.
Price     A.  US$2.50 - US$4.00 / 1000 Stitches.
    B.  Maximum Charge US$150 / Order
    C.  Monthly Discount Available.
    D.  Minor Editing For Free.
    E.  Down-Size or Up-Size < 25% For Free.
Service     A.  24 Digitizer Service Within 7 x 24 Hours.
    B.  00 to 48 Hours Digitizing Delivery Guarantee.
    C.  00 to 24 Hours Editing Delivery Guarantee.
    D.  00 to 24 Hours Free Quote Guarantee.
    E.  Free Conversion All Embroidery Format.
    F.  Provide Free Software For Check Our Works.
Payment     A.  Credit Crad Online Accept.
    B.  Paypal Accept.
    C.  US Check Accept.
    D.  US ABA Wire Accept.
    E.  International SWIFT Wire Accept.
    F.  Western-Union and MoneyGram Accept.

Top Sample:

ImageFile: 0000BGAA
Stitches: 6287
Size: 50.7mm x 50.4mm

ImageFile: 0000KOAA
Stitches: 24971
Size: 100.7mm x 75.1mm

Related Sample:

ImageFile: 0000H2AA
Stitches: 13895
Size:76.3mm x 82.3mm

ImageFile: 0000IDGA
Stitches: 6412
Size:88.9mm x 42.8mm

ImageFile: 0000GBAA
Stitches: 21161
Size:109.4mm x 200.2mm

ImageFile: 0000FAAA
Stitches: 14483
Size: 88.5mm x 86.0mm