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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I place an order?
    You can e-mail a file, a description, or a scanned image of your requirements to us or you can fax your artwork. Be sure to provide us with all relevant information including a contact phone number so we can call you if we have any questions regarding your artwork. We can have a quote ready for you within 2 hours.

2. How long does it take for you to digitize my artwork?
Standard service: 24 Hr. < Delivery < 48 Hr.
Priority service: 12 Hr. < Delivery < 24 Hr.
Express service: 00 Hr. < Delivery < 12 Hr.

3. How will I receive my design after I have placed an order?
     We will delivery your designs to your email address by outlook. If you have not received your designs before the due date, please contact us as there may be a problem with our Internet connection. If you select delivery via courier then your designs will be sent to you at your expense.Alternatively, designs can also be sent by regular mail at no charge.

4. What embroidery formats do you provide?
     We provide various embroidery formats. These include Tajima, Melco Expanded, melco Condensed and Wilcom EMB.,More Format Please Click Here.

5. Can I resize your digitized designs?
     You can enlarge or shrink our digitized designs by 20% if you have the proper software. When resizing the designs it is important to understand your software's capabilities and to treat the design accordingly. Any additional resizing would require editing, but keep in mind that you are doing this at your own risk; we can only guarantee the size that we digitized.

Top Sample:

ImageFile: 000155AA
Stitches: 16753
Size:90.1mm x 80.9mm

Stitches: 11675
Size:54.1mm x 57.7mm

Related Sample:

ImageFile: 000095AA
Stitches: 22144
Size:220.3mm x 229.8mm

Stitches: 19598
Size:76.5mm x 70.1mm

ImageFile: 13-19
Stitches: 20489
Size:110.0mm x 80.2mm

ImageFile: 13-11
Stitches: 15456
Size:86.5mm x 80.0mm